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Thought of the day
No. 7644, 20th Aug, 2018 | 5 a.m.
" Forget not that true Bhakti keeps you undivided from God. A true Bhakta realises that he is a part of God. ”
" यह भूलें नहीं कि सच्ची भक्ति आपको भगवान् से विभक्त - रहित रखती है। एक भक्त यह अनुभव करता है कि वह भगवान् का अंश है। "

About Guruji
Sadguru Sri Sai Narayan Baba
To pen down words to give a life-sketch of our most revered Sadguru Sri Sai Narayan Baba would be like gathering pebbles along the sands of a vast ocean.

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